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@font-face — Web designers’ delight, type designers despair?

Written by Chris
On July 18, 2009 2 Comments
Categories: Design, Featured, Resource, Web

95% of Web Design is Typography
Image by thebudman84 via Flickr

If you are excited about the newer web browser software being able to make use of a myriad of fonts then I guess that you are a web designer. However, if you are a font designer then maybe you’ve been tracking news about @font-face since 2007 with trepidation rather than excitement.

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Zemanta — resource integration for bloggers

Written by Chris
On July 16, 2009
Categories: Blogging
Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Imagine having a dymanic resource of related images, links and even tags that changes as you are typing a post for your blog. Enter Zemanta which seamlessly intergrates with your blogging platform whether you use WordPress, Tumblr, MySpace, Blogger, Ning to name a few.

There are a few ways to take advantage of what Zemanta offers. There are plugins for WordPress, MovableType and Drupal or it can be added to your web browser by way of an extention/plugin or even a bookmarklet.

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iPod OS on a Mac Pro? True or False?

Written by Chris
On June 17, 2009
Categories: Apple

Here’s an video that I found interesting. It seems to show the Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch if you prefer) Operating System running on a Mac Pro and being used with a touch screen and Apple remote to act as the iPhone’s main button.

You decide if it has actually been done or very cleverly faked.

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A new profile website for blog24′s author

Written by Chris
On May 13, 2009
Categories: Blog24 News, Social Networks

If you ever wished you could find me, Chris Marshall, on social media websites then you are in luck! I recently created a new profile website which contains links to some of the places on the World Wide Web where you can find me [cfm24.com].

I wanted to keep it simple and logical. It even looks good on IE1.5! Here’s what it looks like on an iPod Touch (Safari):

cfm24.com on an iPod Touch

I’m sure you’ll sleep better tonight safe in the knowledge that you will now know how to find me on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and so on…

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Make the Apple App Store backward compatible

Written by Chris
On May 13, 2009
Categories: Apple, Featured, Software

Apple App Store

When Apple release the new iPhone Operating System (3.0) they will remove applications which are not compatible with the update from the App Store. Is it time to make the App Store backward compatible?

iPhone App developers encouraged yet warned

Apple have been encouraging iPhone App developers to create new apps for iPhone OS 3.0 for some time. In addition to developing new apps developers are also encouraged to test old apps to make sure that they are also compatible with the impending iPhone OS release (if not make them so). This encouragement from Apple seems reasonable and logical, yet it has been tainted with the warning that compatibility issues could lead to some applications being removed from Apple’s App Store.

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